Executive Director

Cape Cod Children’s Place Executive Director, Cindy Horgan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position. She came to CCCP as the Family Support Coordinator and while in that position has helped numerous families and developed a series of presentations,  Raising Healthy Families. Cindy promotes a strength based philosophy model when engaging family and community members. She has her Bachelor’s Degree from North Adams State College, and a Master’s in Education from Wheelock College, as well as a graduate certificate in Parent Education. Cindy is married and the mother of five children.


    Cape Cod Children’s Place strives to provide exceptional and enriching programs to support the crucial early learning years. We believe in building a strong foundation in social emotional development of children

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    Cape Cod Children’s Place recognizes that parenting is the most important job, and at times, the most challenging one any of us can embark on. Our family support uses a strength-based approach to support all families

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    Cape Cod Children’s Place believes healthy families are a reflection of strong communities. We partner with our local schools, libraries and other community businesses and agencies to offer free early literacy

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