Early Childhood Programs

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Cape Cod Children’s Place and Sea Babies offer full-day and full-year early care for infants aged 8 weeks – 15 months and for toddlers aged 15 months -3 years old.

Our early care programs focus on fostering the development of our youngest students through supportive environments which meet their needs through developmentally appropriate activities and interactions. This includes having three caring teachers at all times; creating play spaces which stimulate large and small muscle movement as well as encouraging early language development and self-care. Teachers partner with families in order to ensure our youngest students receive the best experience we can provide. Both of our early care classrooms have an enrollment capacity of three infants and six toddlers.

Sea Babies is  located at the Wellfleet Council on Aging. This program is sponsored in part by Seamen’s Bank.

Cape Cod Children’s Place offers full-day and full-year preschool for children aged 2.9 years through 5 years old.

Our youngest preschool classroom includes students aged 2.9 years through 4.8 years old. This developmental age range is intentional as we feel our older students are able to guide and lead younger peers. We find this can create higher self-esteem and independence in our students. The preschool classroom is structured, yet it remains play- focused. Our teachers develop and introduce materials and activities which invite children to play and explore, while being introduced to academic concepts. Students also begin Second Step Curriculum, developed by the Committee for Children in Washington, D.C. (http://www.cfchildren.org/second-step). This research-based curriculum teaches the concepts of skills for learning, empathy, emotion management, friendship skills and problem solving. This classroom has three teachers with an enrollment capacity of 14 students.

Our older preschool, Pre-K, includes students 4 years old through 5.11 years old. This developmental age range is intentional due to the kindergarten age cut-off. During this school year, our students focus on preparing for kindergarten. This process begins early in the school year – the first half of the year is spent creating a classroom culture and establishing a community of “ready learners”.  By January, the heart of learning begins to include emergent reading skills, writing, mathematical concepts, and independence. Students continue the Second Step Curriculum to practice social skills, and at the end of the summer, teachers include a portion of the Second Step Curriculum which focuses on the transition to kindergarten. This classroom has two teachers with an enrollment capacity of 12 students.


The three classrooms at Cape Cod Children’s Place follow a school-wide curriculum developed by our teachers. We believe that scaffolding students’ learning year to year will lead our students to dive deeper into concepts and understanding. Each classroom focuses themes surrounding the four units of learning: How We Live, Where We Live, How Things Work, and How Things Grow. As children transition between each classroom, their learning picks up where it left off; teachers are constantly communicating and tailoring the curriculum to meet the individual needs of our students.

These three classrooms also use Teaching Strategies GOLD assessment three times throughout the year. Teaching Strategies GOLD is a research-validated tool which begins assessment at birth and follows students through kindergarten. Our students joining kindergarten in Nauset Schools will also be assessed with this same tool. Teaching Strategies GOLD is based on 38 objectives which are aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Network, Common Core State Standards, as well as early education guidelines in each state. The objectives are broken down into ten areas of development and are designed to be an ongoing assessment which takes place daily through observation, record-keeping, and interactive games. At the end of each assessment cycle, families have the opportunity to join a Parent/Teacher Conference to discuss their child’s progress in school (http://teachingstrategies.com/).



Applications for Sea Babies, Cape Cod Children’s Place Infant, Toddler (Sea Stars) and Preschool Programs (Lobsters & Sea Horses) are available. Contact us for a registration form, or to visit the programs.  Registration forms are also available here.  Download registration forms

The Programs at CCCP’s Eastham site are accredited by:
National Accreditation for the Education of Young Children.


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