2018 Annual Appeal

To learn more about how your support and Cape Cod Children’s Place is here for families now, here for families, always… read our 2018 Annual Appeal letter below.

Help CCCP strengthen children & families here on Cape Cod


Do you know the difference you’ve made for children and families on Cape Cod? Here at Cape Cod Children’s Place, we have seen the impact you and generous community members made in the lives of over 3,000 families in the past year. Your support helped to protect, heal, and care for these vulnerable children and adults.

Today, I want to share with you the difference you made for one of our local families. You are certainly aware of the terrible effect opiates and addiction are having on our community members. One of the ways we are seeing this is in an ever-growing number of children that have lost their parents due to overdose, abandonment, or incarceration. More grandparents in our community than ever before are now raising grandchildren.

“John” and “Jennifer” (names have been changed for their family’s privacy) raised two daughters on the Lower Cape. Sadly, one of these daughters began a struggle with substance abuse. Eventually, addiction left their daughter unable to care for her own young child. John, Jennifer, and their other daughter stepped in to raise this little girl. You can imagine the swirl of emotions John and Jennifer felt at this time, how overwhelming and paralyzing that could be.

They were grieving and angry at the addiction that hurt their family so deeply, concerned about meeting their granddaughter’s needs after the trauma she had experienced, and facing financial difficulties around the costs of care for their grandchild.

This is where you come into the story.

Your support meant that this little girl and the grownups now raising her had a place to turn for help.

Jennifer called Cape Cod Children’s Place and received immediate help in overcoming the challenges facing her family. They received free visits at home from a family support specialist who helped address the emotions and needs they were experiencing. Because of you, this family now has a partner to help them move forward together.

We helped them access financial assistance programs specifically for grandparents raising grandchildren which eased their financial stress. They also received scholarships to lower the cost of their grandchild’s early education and care program. Their granddaughter received safe, welcoming, and trauma informed care at our Eastham school. John, Jennifer, and their adult daughter learned parenting skills and improved their ability to co-parent as they provide a nurturing, safe, and loving environment for their little girl to grow up in.

Jennifer wants you to know:

“Cape Cod Children’s Place feels like family in the best sense. My granddaughter felt highly valued and has carried that wherever she goes. It felt like we worked as a dynamic team. I found them to be supportive, loving, and professional. Cindy always made herself available in case we had questions or concerns. It made all the difference knowing she was there for us with her expertise. Having the Children’s Place as a resource center is a positive gem for the community. We love to go and utilize the services they offer us. They give families a healthy foundation to help us in raising a healthy child.

Because of you, this is a home filled with hope and help. Your support changed their lives – thank you! There are still more families in need. That’s why we need your help now because your gift to Cape Cod Children’s Place offers immediate relief for struggling kids and families. We hope you will donate today to change the lives of even more local children and families, creating hope for a bright future, providing strength to overcome challenges, and creating the opportunity to find lasting happiness.

With gratitude, 

P.S. – One last note from “Jennifer”, a grandmother raising her grandchild – “My wish is that Cape Cod Children’s Place is able to reach even more families on Cape Cod. All families raising children should have access to the amazing resources offered by the Children’s Place that make a positive difference in one’s family…then in the community…then in the world at large.”

Help Jennifer’s wish come true,  give today!


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