2019 Father’s Day Appeal

Dear Friend,

One of the great joys of working with families is seeing the results of the hard work they are doing – the increased stability in their homes, children with increased resiliency, parents with greater confidence in their parenting skills and a deeper understanding of their children’s behavior. I experienced that joy reading a letter I recently received from a local single father, Manny. Manny has been working hard to be the best dad he can be. This work has involved accessing free services at Cape Cod Children’s Place including individual parenting help, a fatherhood skill-building series, and parenting workshops to learn about child development and behavior. I feel privileged to share some of Manny’s letter with you:

“Being a dad is about participating in the lives of your children, full time, transparently, showing tears of joy, pain, laughter, and all the other shades along the way. Cape Cod Children’s Place is a safe place, a welcoming place. As my children have grown and matured Cape Cod Children’s place means a lot to me as a resource for being a parent – attending ‘Dad classes’ and Raising Healthy Boys class. Cape Cod Children’s Place has been there, helping me to ‘navigate’ the course, insightfully and with consideration to my ‘crewmates’, helping me understand the value of maintaining my connection in the day to day lives of my children. We need to be there as dads and moms setting an example for our children. Cape Cod Children’s Place has helped me mature as a parent making a healthy impact on the lives of my children.”

  • Manny A. 

The path to being a great dad is not always smooth. When that road is bumpy for fathers on Cape Cod, thanks to generous community members like you, they have a place to turn for help on their parenting journey. Because of you, Cape Cod Children’s Place is here for fathers (and all parents) to provide support, skills, resources, and hope.

This Father’s Day, please join me in honoring fathers and father figures by making a donation to Cape Cod Children’s Place. This gift will allow us to continue the valuable work we do supporting fathers so more children will feel the safety, love, and security of having a great man in their life. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our youngest Cape Codders!


Cindy Horgan, Executive Director, CCCP



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