Sensory Processing 101

Date: 03.31.2020

A key to better understanding your child’s behavior and needs

Tuesday, March 31, 2020  *5:00-7:30 P.M.  Workshop will start right at 5:30

Eastham Library, 190 Samoset Rd, Eastham

Children are wired to learn through direct interaction with the world around them via their sensory system. Sensory processing is a neurological process that has a profound impact on how a child tolerates, interprets and participates in their day to day experiences. Part of each child’s uniqueness is in how they process sensory information, and this can sometimes result in behaviors that are confusing and challenging to their caregivers

Join pediatric occupational therapist Melissa Alves for a discussion that will include the following:

  • A basic understanding of Sensory Processing
  • Ideas and activities to promote healthy development of the sensory system to help your child feel comfort in their body, exploring the world around them and in being able to attain a calm organized state of being.
  • Insight into how sensory processing can be an underlying factor with challenging behaviors such as: meltdowns, difficulty with focus/attention, coordination/balance, limited play skills, getting along with other children and strategies to support growth in these areas

You’ll have a chance to ask questions, share ideas and go home with education and resource materials.

Free.  Dinner & childcare included.  *Workshop will start right at 5:30



Call Cape Cod Children’s Place at 508-240-3310 with your name, email address, telephone number, number of adults and names and ages of children who will attend.  Please indicate if you are in need of transportation.


This programming is funded by a grant through the United Way, a grant through Eastern Bank, and a Coordinated Family and Community Engagement (CFCE) grant from the MA Dept. of Early Education and Care, and administered by the Cape Cod Children’s Place.


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