YEAH for Spring!! Yummy, Easy, Active & Healthy CANCELED

Date: 03.12.2020

Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Presents:

Join Kim Concra, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Nutritionist at these exciting workshops!

YEAH for Spring!!  Yummy, Easy, Active & Healthy   CANCELED
March 12, 2020  5:30-7:00

Family food and fun ideas.
Limit to 12 adults with their children to help prepare food and engage in activities in preparation for Spring!


Whole Foods Eating in a Fast Food World
April 8, 2020  5:30-7:00

Convenience foods are quick but can be high in sodium, fat and other ingredients.  Let’s work on trying to get more whole foods FAST and have our children help us be CREATIVE i the process!  

Plastic cookie cutters are welcome.  Limit 12 adults with their children.



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