Meet our Teams

Executive Director

Cindy Horgan

Cape Cod Children’s Place Executive Director, Cindy Horgan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this position. She came to CCCP as the Family Support Coordinator and while in that position has helped numerous families and developed a series of presentations,  Raising Healthy Families. You can learn more about our parenting programs including Raising Healthy Families HERE. Cindy promotes a strength based philosophy model when engaging family and community members. She has her Bachelor’s Degree from North Adams State College, and a Master’s in Education from Wheelock College, as well as a graduate certificate in Parent Education. Cindy is married and the mother of five children.

Our Teams

Cindy Horgan – Executive Director / Family Support Coordinator
Kate Macaulay – Interim Early Learning Center Director
Elizabeth Aldred – Advocacy Coordinator
Patty Watson – Grants & Development Director
Kathy Fee – Director of Finance
Shafi Narli – Finance Assistant
Karen Burns – Administrative Assistant
Christina Russell – Director of FIRST Steps Together Program
Emily Campbell – Grants & Development Assistant

Family Support

Adam Schwamb- Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Brittany Lavoie - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Erin Pierce - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Philip Cash - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Billie Starks - Community Social Worker - FIRST Steps Together
Jody Babineau - Administrative Assistant - FIRST Steps Together
Charlotte Fyfe - Provincetown Family Resource - Family Support Specialist
Liz Dempsey - SAFE Child Communities Groups Coordinator
Marly Pereda - SAFE Child Communities Collaborations Coordinator, ParentChild+ Coordinator
Kathe Medwin - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Luanna Brito - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Monica Montoya-Quintero - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Ekaterina Grishenkova - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Alison Burns - Family Support Specialist
Dolly Cheney - Data Specialist
Melissa Alves - CCCP Wellspring Project
Kathe Medwin - CCCP Wellspring Project
Lucy Chrobak - CCCP Wellspring Project
Marly Pereda - CCCP Wellspring Project
Joanna Stevens - CCCP Wellspring Project
Lucy Gilmore - CFCE Coordinator
Sue Gubbins - CFCE Coordinator
Kelly Morrison - CFCE Coordinator

Early Learning Teaching Team
Elizaveta Akopian
- Teacher

Karie Miller -  Teacher
Monica Botto - Teacher
Dolores Cheney -  Teacher
Arelis Cruz-Alemán - Teacher
Stacy Bayt -  Teacher
Holly Carlo
- Teacher
Dorian Zimmerman -  Teacher
Julianna Peterson -  Teacher

Board of Directors

Scotti Finnegan —President
Nancy Crowley —Treasurer
Carol Counihan —Secretary

Board Member
Matt Bober
Stephanie Jepsen
Brett Tolley
Kim Mead-Walters
Liz Rabideau
Pat Armstrong

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