Meet our Teams

Executive Director

Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan is a nonprofit professional with a wide range of experiences that provided her with the skills, knowledge, and heart of nonprofit agencies.  Erin’s professional journey is marked by mission-driven work, in service to her community, and a demonstrated ability to drive organizational growth.  Her commitment to creating inclusive work environments that encourage learning and value diverse perspectives is evident through her leadership roles in various nonprofits and community organizations.

Erin most recently served as the Director of Development and Marketing for WE CAN and prior to that served as the Vice President of Community Engagement for 18 Degrees in Western MA.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Communications from Westfield State College, now University, and a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from the University of Colorado, Denver.  Born and raised on Cape Cod, Erin has returned home with her husband, while their three grown children pursue their own dreams.

Our Teams

Cindy Horgan –  Director of Family Support Services
Sophie Rezendes Director of Early Learning Center
Kathy Fee – Director of Finance
Christina Russell – Director of FIRST Steps Together Program
Cindy Martin – Director of Grants
Shafi Narli – Finance Assistant
Karen Burns – Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Aldred – Advocacy Coordinator
Emily Campbell – Development Assistant

Family Support

Adam Schwamb- Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Erin Pierce - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Philip Cash - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Nicole Poilucci - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Billie Starks - Community Social Worker - FIRST Steps Together
Jody Babineau - Administrative Assistant - FIRST Steps Together
Charlotte Fyfe - Provincetown Family Resource - Family Support Specialist
Liz Dempsey - SAFE Child Communities Groups Coordinator
Marly Pereda - SAFE Child Communities Collaborations Coordinator, ParentChild+ Coordinator
Kathe Medwin - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Luanna Brito - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Monica Montoya-Quintero - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Ekaterina Grishenkova - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Alison Burns - Family Support Specialist
Dolly Cheney - Data Specialist
Melissa Alves - CCCP Wellspring Project
Kathe Medwin - CCCP Wellspring Project
Lucy Chrobak - CCCP Wellspring Project
Marly Pereda - CCCP Wellspring Project
Joanna Stevens - CCCP Wellspring Project
Lucy Gilmore - CFCE Coordinator
Sue Gubbins - CFCE Coordinator
Kelly Morrison - CFCE Coordinator

Early Learning Teaching Team
Arelis Cruz-Aleman-  Teacher
Dolores Cheney Teacher
Dorian Zimmerman - Teacher
Holly Carlo - Teacher

Julianna Peterson - 
Karie Miller -  Teacher
Monica Botto - Teacher
Stacy Bayt -  Teacher
Oana Andris - Teacher Assistant
Andra Walford - Teacher Assistant

Board of Directors

Pat ArmstrongPresident
Nancy Crowley —Treasurer
Carol Counihan —Secretary

Board Member
Stephanie Jepsen
Kim Mead-Walters
Pam Sears
Sarah Nitsch
Noelle Smith

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