Early Childhood Education

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We strive to offer high-quality early childhood education and care for our youngest students.

We believe relationships matter.
Our philosophy is to “build children from the inside out”.



High-quality early education and care builds a sense of connection between children and teachers. Warm and responsive relationships are fostered between teachers and children through emotional engagement and providing a sense of inclusion for every child. Our long- term plans for curricula are created with flexibility in order to meet the needs or interests of children, and to stay child-focused and authentic.

Science tells us that children benefit from consistent, warm, and responsive relationships with the adults in their lives. These relationships support healthy brain development and help to buffer stress and adversity. With this in mind, we design our early learning setting to support strong relationships between teachers and students, and between students.

Materials, literature, and learning objectives are intentional to provide opportunities for teachers to support the development of social and emotional competencies. Teachers model strategies for calming down, problem solving, social interaction, and managing conflict. Children are given opportunities throughout each school day to practice these strategies with support and independently.

We believe that childhood is a time of immense learning and development.

Each day at Cape Cod Children’s Place, children experience their world and begin to make sense of their place within it. Rich learning opportunities are offered as new skills and competencies develop in conjunction with each other. For example, our oldest Pre-K students are offered a strong nature-based experience, with hikes within the woods and down to the National Seashore, as well as incorporating mindfulness activities into their daily routine. Teamwork is a big theme and often problem-solving and engineering skills are being fostered as they determine how to build their next tree fort. The preschool classroom is full of movement, song, and art exploration. These students practice executive function skills as they attend to a story or play with one another in the sandbox. Within our youngest classrooms, our infant and toddler students are practicing self-regulation skills as they learn to play near and with other children.

These examples are a small snapshot in time of the many learning opportunities our students have each day. Along with developing academic skills, or writing, counting, colors, or vocabulary, children are also strengthening their flexible thinking, adaptive skills, creativity, and ability to persist through frustration. In doing so, our students have built a foundation of learning that will support them throughout their lives.

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Kids looking through books while sitting on blanket outside
3 children smiling at the camera with one of the children holding a hamburger

“As a parent I couldn’t be happier with the high-quality education and care my children are receiving at CCCP. I know my children are engaged, cared for, challenged and supported socially and intellectually each day. Each of the teachers is very attentive and understanding of each of my children’s abilities and limitations and all are very experienced in supporting my children through challenges and celebrating milestones.”

CCCP parent

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