Family Consultations

Grandfather sitting on the floor with arm around grandchild, reading together
mother holding daughter and kissing her on the cheek
Girl working on homework with her Mom

Family Consultations


Cape Cod Children’s Place provides free consultations, referrals, and direct links with resources for Lower and Outer Cape families with children aged birth-8 years. Call our family support specialist (or CCCP 508.240.3310)

Support Groups & Details

For more information on support groups, please see our facebook page or give us a call (508) 240-3310

  • Dads’ Talk
  • Baby’s First Year Group
  • RISE Support Group & Dads in Recovery
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
  • Nurturing Father’s


Early Childhood


boy and teacher drawing with crayons

“My family has benefitted from CCCP’s Baby’s First Year group over the past year. As both my husband and I are working full time, my sons grandmother has been able to take him to the Monday group. She has gotten helpful information about development, tips and tricks for new babies and she’s made connections with other parents and caregivers. At one group an OT recommended that we get our son evaluated by Early Intervention for some motor and sensory issues. We followed through and he ended up qualifying for services. If it weren’t for our ability to participate in this CCCP group, we may not have realized our son needed services. I will FOREVER recommend CCCP groups to new moms, as I know first hand how helpful they can be.”

Cape Cod Parent

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