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Cape Cod Children’s Place recognizes that parenting is the most important job, and at times, the most challenging one any of us can embark on.

Family Support Team

Cindy Horgan – Director of Family Support Services

Adam Schwamb- Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Erin Pierce - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Philip Cash - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Nicole Poilucci - Family Recovery Support Specialist - FIRST Steps Together
Billie Starks - Community Social Worker - FIRST Steps Together
Jody Babineau - Administrative Assistant - FIRST Steps Together
Charlotte Fyfe - Provincetown Family Resource - Family Support Specialist
Liz Dempsey - SAFE Child Communities Groups Coordinator
Marly Pereda - SAFE Child Communities Collaborations Coordinator, ParentChild+ Coordinator
Kathe Medwin - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Luanna Brito - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Monica Montoya-Quintero - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Ekaterina Grishenkova - ParentChild+ Early Learning Specialist
Alison Burns - Family Support Specialist
Dolly Cheney - Data Specialist
Melissa Alves - CCCP Wellspring Project
Kathe Medwin - CCCP Wellspring Project
Lucy Chrobak - CCCP Wellspring Project
Marly Pereda - CCCP Wellspring Project
Joanna Stevens - CCCP Wellspring Project
Lucy Gilmore - CFCE Coordinator
Sue Gubbins - CFCE Coordinator
Kelly Morrison - CFCE Coordinator


Early Childhood


Our commitment is to provide a respectful and supportive experience to all.
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